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~ Construction 2007 ~
~ The completed Aviary ~ Our new bird room ~

Its done ~ We have finally extended our aviary ~ The New Bird Room ~ All that's left is adding some final touches like toys and other goodies, oh, and the clean up too... Yep, I still need to put all those tools away ~ LOL ~

I was so busy trying to get the cages up and ready for our little wonders, that I didn't take the time to photograph our progress, it was very hard work, and I have a booboo too. OUCH, I also bumped my head ~ LOL ~ For the most part, besides a bunch of splinters, only one Band-Aid was needed during the whole construction process!

Our Aviary was construction to give all our lovely Cockatiels & Budgies room to grow and stretch their wings. We reconstructed our back porch, which was 10 by 24 feet to meet all our birds needs. The main flight area is 10 by 9 ½ feet with lots of afternoon sunshine. There are also three separate holding cages {3 X 4} This allows us to divide our special males from the breeding females, and to give our babies the space they need to grow separate from the older birds.

The aviary or bird room as I like to call it; is well insulated to protect our lovely birds from the hot desert summers and cold winter months. We also have a viewing window from the house so we can monitor our birds at all times.

~ The Watering System ~

We installed an automated watering system from AGSelect.com using special drinking valves and regulators, this system allows fresh, clean and safe drinking water for all our birds.

AGSelect.com Starter Kits
~ I highly recommend this system ~
AGSelect.com Auto Water  Supply System
~ Pressure Reducing Station & tubing ~
AGSelect.com Drinking Water  Valves
~ Edstrom Brass Vari-Flo Valve ~

~ Temporary Day Use ~

Before the our Bird Room was completed,
we put our cages outside during the day 
Temporary Day Use Only!
They loved being outside and where they could enjoy
the warm afternoon sunshine.

~ Our Nursery ~

Our nursery remains indoors. We have a special room set up just for breeding and hand rising our beautiful babies.

Having the nursery indoors allows us to regulate and monitor the temperature & humidity levels for good egg and chick health. Our Breeding cages, 30 x 18 x 18in, ,which allows us to maintain good health and careful monitoring so there are no injuries during the mating process. **Which by the way, usually occurs else were! Our bonded pairs will often mate and then tell us they need a nest box... LOL! They know where the nursery is and when they are good and ready, they come in from the aviary, squawk and squawk, until I get there cage and next box ready.

~ Brooders in the Nursery ~

When our young babies reach 14 days old, we place them in special brooders for hand feeding. We always try to hand rinse our lovely Cockatiels so we have birds that will want to be close to their human parents. Our babies will never be hand shy or bite, and because we spend an incredible amount of time interacting with them, they are well prepared to be your best friend.

~ Our Breeding Cages ~

I decided to use Desmond Breeding Cages & Stands, because they are light weight for easy handling and cleaning. The Breeding Cages are 30" x 18" x 18" with dividers. I remove the divider so I can use both large doors and to give my special pairs more room with each other. One door holds the nesting box and the other door I use to access my lovely birds with out injuring them.

Our visitor said she was in Heaven!


`Insulation & Windows

Insulation & Windows

View of Smaller Holding Cage

Large Flight Cage in the Back, and Smaller Holding Cages on the Right

That's Sugar in the Large Flight Cage

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