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Updated March 2015

We have 3 cockatiel babies in the Nursery Today!

Hatched: March 23, 25, and 27th..

Parents: Both parents have sweet personality's, and were both wonderful and attentive parents.

Mom: Buggsly, a large female Lutino with rather huge eyes.. Yeah, they are big..
Dad: Mattie, a wonderfully sweet Whiteface split to Pearl/Cinn.

Pic's coming Soon...

Babies: All three are Normal Grays, split to whiteface/lutino... they all seem to be as gentle as mom and dad, and I am positive they will grow to be as sweet or even sweeter then their parents..

Reserved: The oldest has been spoken for..

Available: are the two younger babies...





Our newest members; Nelly & Pickles
Born: June 21 and 23 of 2012

Hatched early in the season, Nelly and Pickles are finally ready for a home.. Nelly is a beautiful female Pearl cockatiel, and Pickles is a normal gray male.. Both these very young birds have been the center of attention in our home. We've spent so much time with these two that they think they are people too, and Pickles can "TALK".. Seriously, he's even practicing how to sing; "If your Happy and You Know It".. Nelly is a pure snuggler, her favorite place to spend all her time is on a shoulder, regardless if your watching TV or doing dishes, she'll stay put no matter what!! If your looking for a young bird, one who's ready and willing to be your best friend, look no further, they are right here!

Bumper: Male Lutino, 2010

Kelly, my granddaughter named this little fellow after a PBS show on TV called Wild Krates. There was an episode about a lost baby whale who needed help.. This is Bumper she said. You see, his dad was special to me, he's bird in the "Yeast" story.. It was Sunshine.. and he was a very special bird. But, as the lord had his way, Sunshine left us when Bumper was only 4 weeks old. I don't usually let the parents raise their own babies, but this situation was different. Sunshine, and Polly, would let me hold their little baby and even feed him in my hands. So I made a habit of it; every evening I'd pick up the tiny baby and let Sunshine and Polly out to stretch their wings, then they'd sit with my and the baby until it was bed time,then I'd let them back into their house. Anyway, Polly did a great job caring for Bumper all by herself, although she was grieving, I'm sure my help with the baby was a nice break from a demanding chick. So, we have Bumper, half parent raised and half a handfed.. But, you really can't tell, he's a true sweet heart and is just as loving as any of the others. I'm positive he'll make a wonderful pet and companion..

Nicky: Normal Gray Male, 2009
Another named from a movie, Nicky is a long slender bird with incredibly tall crest feathers. He's a fun loving fellow, always seems happy and content. He gives kisses often and seems to love getting attention as much as giving it.. He's a very good bird, and will make a wonderful companion.

Stevie: Male Pied, 2009
This really isn't his name, but I need to call him something. Nonetheless, he is gorgeous bird, I love they way the colors of yellow and gray feathers wrap around his body. He also has very tall crest feathers that are wide like a boat at the base of his head. He also loves attention and treats.. He will sit on your shoulder and make kissing sounds and whistles..

Big Boy: Normal Gray Male split to Pied, 2009

This is a large bird with wonderful crest feathers. Mostly gray with a bright yellow crest, and a large full chest. He's soft and gentle, and often sits quietly on my hands, nibbling on my fingers. Will chatter chat, but I haven't heard his say words I could understand. He also loves attention and of course, treats! He's a good bird, will make a wonderful companion and friend.

Patrick: Lutino Male, 2008
Lovely medium size Lutino, however, I don't think he would make a good companion bird, maybe a breeder or cage bird. I could be wrong, he could be the best bird ever with the right person..

Crash & Eddy: 2009
Crash and Eddy are our broken babies. They barely survived a vicious attack from a stressed parent. I found them, just in time, and saved their precious lives not because I had to because they had the will to live!
Eddy is a whiteface and Crash is a normal gray split to whiteface.. Eddy TALKS, and is a very sweet special bird, and will make a wonderful addition to any family. BUT, I will only let him go to the right person.. Same with Crash, these birds can never be let out to fly, their wings should always be clipped.. Which I will do at no extra charge.. These guys are a must see, full of life, love and will be an excellent choice for a quite home...
UPDATE: Eddy has a new home. He is so happy to be the only bird, and his new mommy is very pleased he loves her as much as she loves him...

Crash, is still looking for the perfect home.. Please contact me if you are interested in adopting Crash into your home...

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