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Terms and Conditions

Budgie Land Aviary price for a hand-fed, tame baby Cockatiel includes:

1. An eight and one half by five and one half inch Hatch Certificate. This Certificate has the baby's genealogy, date of hatch and a photo.

2. Wings trimmed and toe nails clipped, if desired.

3. A traceable closed identification band.

4. Answers to questions about the care and health of your new Tiel, to the best of my knowledge.

  • Prices DO NOT include Cages, Food, Pickup/Delivery, or Tax.
  • Budgie Land Aviary is not responsible for veterinary bills.

  • Credit cards are not accepted, only cash, check or money order, with a $50.00 charge on insufficient fund checks.

  • We do not ship our birds.... EVER... Please don't ask..

  • Buyers may reserve a Tiel for thirty days with a $50.00 nonrefundable down payment. Please call (928) 208-4142 or e-mail sheila-wallace@hotmail.com to discuss the details.

  • The FOR SALE page of this web site is updated frequently, most often sold birds are marked sold within a day or two after the sale. However, if you see a Tiel listed that you are seriously interested in purchasing, You may check for the most recent availability by calling (928) 208-4142 or email Sheila-wallace@hotmail.com

  • All terms and conditions are subject to change without notification. Adult birds are also offered for sale. They could be untamed, and may not have a hatch certificate or band Id.

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